Industry experts discuss upcoming General Election

Each political party are currently campaigning across the UK, on everything from equal pay and the NHS to immigration and of course, Brexit, in preparation for December’s General Election, where voters are heading to the polls on the 12th December.

However, the approach of the festive season hasn’t impacted the Election campaigns at all, with digs and accusations being anything but merry and bright. But what can we expect from the last few weeks of campaigning? The Conservative Party are currently doing well in the polls, but if the 2017 election, where the Tories failed to get a majority, taught us anything, it’s that anything can change.

Two leading industry experts have joined forces to discuss the upcoming General Election. In the episode, the Centre are joined by Dr Katy Hayward, Reader in Sociology at Queen’s University Belfast and Senior Fellow at the UK in a Changing Europe initiative, and Dr Steven McCabe, Senior Fellow at the Centre for Brexit Studies.

The duo discuss if the time of year could have any impact on the Election turnout, if Labour not being part of a ‘Remain Alliance’ could impact the party, if voters will drift away from their normal party alliance in the Election. They also discuss if Brexit will dominate the Election, or if people will vote depending on bread and butter issues, perspectives from Northern Ireland and the West Midlands, and who they expect to win.

Brexit and the General Election 2019 is available to listen to on the Centre’s Soundcloud now.

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